Moringa Oleifera Leaf Powder Organic 16oz – 1lb. Non GMO multivitamin for metabolism, weight loss, protein & mood boost – in smoothies – vegans & vegetarians – iron & amino acids supplements


100% Organic Natural Moringa Oleifera Premium Natural Quality!

Uses for Moringa Oleifera:
– Smoothies
– Natural Multi-Vitamin, in capsule form or to mix with juice
– Flavoring in meals
– Salad dressings

Moringa Oleifera Benefits:
– Promotes normal digestion
– Known for detoxification of liver & other organs
– Steady energy boost, without sugar or caffeine surge and crash
– Promotes mental & emotional clarity
– Nutrient rich vitamins and minerals for hair, skin & nails

Moringa Oleifera Tid-Bits:
Moringa is named the Miracle tree due to its health advantages…

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